From Panic to Peace

In a busy and harried world, where do we find our peace?

“Just give me a moment to think! I need some peace and quiet! I just need to sleep!” These might be phrases that resonate with you. At some point most of us have found ourselves at the end of our tether, unable to find any peace, much less a place of real peace. Our lives are busy busy, rush rush, and we catapult from one thing into the next, barely finding space to breathe and rest.

The world swirls around us and catches us up in its everyday chaos, reluctant to release us from its frantic clutches, from the drive to do more, to achieve more, to be seen to be successful; and yet we long for peace. We struggle to live without it and try to snatch a few fleeting moments in the midst of spinning an increasing amount of plates.

How then can we find a rest for weary hearts; that place of inner peace? This week we are going to journey through five bible verses that point us towards God’s way of peace.

John 14 v 27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives. 
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

These words from John’s gospel are some of the words Jesus spoke to his disciples at the Last Supper; the meal they shared together on the night before he was put to death on the cross. The disciples know that something life-changing is about to happen, and they are worried and scared.

Yet into this situation of fear and worry, when it seems as if nothing can make anything better, Jesus speaks his words of peace. In the most trying of times, Jesus invites his followers to trust in him, to believe in him and receive the peace he is offering.

When the world is in chaos, Jesus invites us to pause a moment, to seek his still small voice of calm and to rest gently in the peace that only he can bring. Jesus tells the disciples not to be troubled or afraid, because he and his peace are with them always, and that same gift of peace is promised to us when we put our trust in the one who brings peace; Jesus Christ.

Putting it into Practice

  1. Call to mind a situation where you struggle to find peace. Think about how knowing God’s peace might change that situation and your approach to it. Deliberately set aside time for this quest.
  2. Take time out to pray for the peace that Jesus brings to be at the centre of that situation and seeking for his peace to ground you in its stillness. Focus on Jesus’ words for you, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”