Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 13

Day 13

REFLECT – Day 13:

My mother is one of my biggest fans. She has always been supportive and encouraged others to see my greatness. She would be my advocate – driven by passion for her son, love and a desire to see me have the best chances in life. Who was your biggest fan growing up? 

She was not however as brave as Zebedee’s wife, whose two sons were Jesus disciples. 

As per usual, it’s time to stop reading, or pause the recording, to read our passage for the day. It’s a passage full of imagery, maybe you could take that chance to doodle some images that come into your mind as you read through. Read Matthew 20:20-27. 

The urge to be first and be number one is very strong. It’s drives careers, poisons families, ruins friendships and works against true human flourishing. We tread one another down to get to the top. 

Have you been on the receiving end of such a stomping? Have you been the one treading people down? 

The story of James and John shows the same attitude among the disciples (and their families, even their mother). Despite being in a different country and living in a different era, they were not to dissimilar to us. Searching to be the best, or be noticed by those in authority is not a new fascination and Jesus rebuke is just had hard hitting for us today in 2019. 

Jesus rebukes them in words which are unforgettable: ‘It will not be so among you.’

Greatness in God’s household is a race to the bottom, not a race to the top. Humility, not status, is the key to joy and satisfaction. The one who chases power or position can never be content. 

Even when we reach the top (however we define it), anxiety about staying there steals our peace. 

The way of humility and meekness is counter-cultural. But the way of the servant, the way Jesus advocated and taught, is also the way of joy and surrender and true fulfilment. 

O Lord my heart is not proud;

my eyes are not raised in haughty looks…

but I have quieted and stilled my soul,

like a weaned child on it’s mother’s breast;

so is my soul quieted within me. 

Psalm 131

Carry out at least one secret act of service today to bless someone in your work or home life.