Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 14

Day 14

REFLECT – Day 14:

Perhaps you have that each week we really try to impress the same point over and over again. Why? Because sometimes it takes time for a message to sink it. It also takes time to join up the dots and see the point throughout Christ’s teaching. So, over the last few days we’ve been reading through passages in the gospels and seeing how Jesus promotes a life of humility and meekness to his disciples, and by extension, to us. 

Our journey is being shaped by “The Beatitudes” and especially ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth’. 

Today’s passage is Luke 17:11-19. I really do encourage you to write down some of the key phrases that strike you as you read through this section of scripture.  Perhaps write it in the column of the bible you use regularly. 

Ten leprosy suffers come to seek healing. All are made clean. How amazing is that? But only one – a Samaritan – returns to Jesus to give thanks. 

What do you think the difference was between that one, and the others? It’s an interesting question to ponder. 

A thankful heart is the flipped of the coin of meekness. The two go together. Those who live in selfishness and pride so easily miss God’s blessings: the everyday joys of creation, of family and friends, of simple pleasures. our narrow hearts look always for what’s not right or for that one thing more. 

Contentment vanishes like morning mist. 

A meek heart is a wider and wider heart, broadened and deepened by thanksgiving and praise. Praise and thanksgiving are daily disciplines for Christians – key spiritual exercises in meekness. 

In praise we bow before God and remember our place in the world. In thanksgiving we rehearse and enjoy all that God has given us. The meek not so much inherit the earth as remember to enjoy it. 

We bless thee for our creation,

preservation, and all the blessings of this life; 

but above all for thin inestimable love 

in the redemption of the world by our

Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace,

and for the hope of glory

From A General Thanksgiving,

The Book of Common Prayer.

Try and learn by heart the General Thanksgiving and use it each day.