Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 18

day 18

REFLECT – Day 18:

Have you started a spring clean yet? I am ignoring the job for a long as possible, but I know once I have done it the house, garage and garden just feels so much better. It returns to a working state, it returns to it proper purpose, not just a holding for all my accelerated junk. 

Prophets us signs and big public gestures to communicate. Sometimes those signs are miracles like the stilling of the storm or the feeding of the five thousand. Sometimes they are symbolic actions – a form of protest at the way things are and a longing for them to be different. 

Today’s passage reveals us to us such an occasion of protest. A time when we are urged to see Jesus as more than just a king teacher but also a passionate justice seeker. 

Read Mark 11:15-19

The story of Jesus cleansing the temple is a king of symbolic action. For all the prophets, right action and right worship go together. Jesus is restoring the temple to what it should be: a place for everyone and especially a place for the poor. 

Out went those taking advantage, out went those who used a worshipping environment to manipulate people into buying unneeded items, out went the sellers, buyers, merchandise carriers, everyone whose hearts were not turned towards the presence of God.  Where are our hearts?

If we are hungry and thirsty for justice then this will need to affect the way we live and the way we give. but our faith is more than a private matter. Seeking justice should also mean that we become activity involved in building a better world through campaigns, advocacy, local community groups. 

Never forgetting of course that our social action is motivated by our theological convictions – that God cares for all people, the world and that renewal of this world is an intentional sign of the Gospel of Christ which is the thing that ultimately saves the lost. 

Guide the leaders of the nations into the ways of peace and justice.

from the Litany. 

The fourth of ‘The Five Marks of Mission’ is:
‘To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation.’ 

How will you seek to live this out today?