Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 33

REFLECT – Day 33:

I normally can get along with most people. However, there have been times in my life when I have not been able to connect with a person. Sometimes thats been the end of it, but sometimes the situation has escalated, due to misunderstanding, and created a relationship of bitterness. 

In these situations I faced a choice. Often a repeated choice. To seek peace, or to let it fester. Most of the time I make the Godly decision…but sometimes I have not… I am thankful that God waits for me – when I rebel or when I grow resentful. 

Today’s passage is Luke 15:11-32. I encourage you to read it through a couple of times. Why? Because it really is a famous passage and it’s easy to skip by it thinking we know it all. But the word of God is alive and can ignite our hearts in unexpected ways. So give it a go. 

One of Jesus’ best-known parables describes the God who lives to make peace. The father in the story is generous to both his sons. 

The younger brother takes his inheritance, travels to a far country and wastes it. He falls into poverty and makes the long journey home. His father is watching for him to return and runs to welcome him back not as a slave, but as a son. Peace is made. 

The older brother has forgotten his father’s love, despite remaining in the family home. He resents the return of his younger brother. His father comes out and pleads with him. He invites him back into the feast. We do not know how the story ends. 

God is seeking the return of his children to a full and mature relationship of love; both those who have rebelled outwardly and those who have rebelled inwardly.  We are called to live together in unity and love. 

Behold how good and pleasant it is

to dwell together in unity…

For there the Lord

has promised his blessing:
even life for evermore. 

Psalm 133

Can you identify ‘older brothers’ and ‘younger brothers’ in the life of your own community? How can you work for reconciliation?