Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 34

REFLECT – Day 34:

During these reflections I have tried to share some personal stories to help bed these devotions in real life. I have revealed that I have been rude, unable to reconcile with people, failed to forgive and more. My hope is that these spark an honesty within you, to acknowledge your own moments of failure. 

Every Christian experiences moments of failure when we fall short. In those times, God is patient with us. We do not lose God’s love or God’s friendship. 

Our passage today is John 21:15-19. It’s an incredible passage which reveals the a major element of Christ’s purpose in coming to earth – restoration. 

Simon Peter has denied even knowing Jesus. Some scholars would suggest his words were even harsher than that and that he cursed Jesus three times. Either way, Simon Peter did this at the point of Jesus greatest need (John 18:25-27). 

But the risen Jesus reaches out to him after the breakfast on the beach (sounds idillic doesn’t it? Especially for us here in landlocked Lutterworth). 

Jesus takes Peter back to the beginning. He is no longer ‘the rock’, but simply ‘Simon son of John’. 

Three times, Jesus invites Simon to declare his love. Simon does so but with humility, not extravagant boasting. Three times, Jesus commissions Peter to tend and feed his flock. 

After the commission comes the simple invitation to renew his call: ‘Follow me’. Not literally this time but a call to Imitate me. Do what I do. Lead the Church in this way. 

The Christian life is not an even journey. In the moments when we fall, we need each other and we need to know that Jesus reaches out to us – time and time again. 

Almighty Father, who in your great mercy

gladdened the disciples with the sight

of the risen Lord: give us such knowledge

of his presence with us, that we may be strengthened and sustained by his risen life…

Collect for the Third Sunday or Easter. 

Who are the people to whom you turn when you fall and find the way difficult?

Your life group could be good people to start building that kind of relationship with.