Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 37

REFLECT – Day 37:

What are you prepared to lose for the sake of a good cause? 

Perhaps you are willing to text in response to comic relief or another televised event. Maybe you’re willing to give way more in support of your own family – perhaps sacrificing your own meal so a child can eat, or saving thousands to pay for university. 

What experiences do you have of losing something for the benefit of someone or something else? 

Today’s passage continues to give us insight into the suffering of Christ. Turn to Matthew 16:13-28. 

This key passage is Matthew is a commentary on the eighth beatitude. The disciples recognise that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. They have lived with him and watched him and saw his beautiful character. 

The disciples are expecting a Messiah who will begin to reign as king in Jerusalem. 

But Jesus has a deeper, wider vision: the Son of God must suffer and die and be raised to life.  God is seeking to mend and heal the whole of creation in every generation, not simply establish a human kingdom in one time and place. 

In each of the gospels, the disciples struggle to accept and believe this deeper vision. 

Do we also struggle to expect this vision? This long term, wide ranging, all consuming vision?

Jesus then calls them even further. They, too, must share this mission. The disciples of Jesus are also called to walk in the way of the cross and to lose their lives for the sake of the gospel. 

Mercifully grant that we,

walking in the way of the cross,

may find it none other

than the way of life and peace;

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. 

Collect for the Third Sunday of Lent

Look around your networks for those whose Christian life is costly at the moment. Say or do something today to encourage someone.