Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 38

REFLECT – Day 38:

I made some awful fashion choices as a kid. From the clothes which included a selection of tie-die t-shirts and some really bad haircuts. I ever had a mini mohawk in the style of David Beckham, who was of course the coolest person on the planet at the time (possibly still is?). 

I look back now and wish I hadn’t had been so swayed by the fashions of the day but had had my own ability to evaluate and reach some better conclusions. 

Today’s passage is John 19:16-30.  

Here is the central question of the gospels. Jesus was the most complete human person ever to have lived. His life brought immense blessing. Why was it cut short by such a cruel and terrible death? And why does Jesus regard his own death as his main task? His final words from the cross are ‘It is finished’, now that it has been accomplished. 

The answer lies in the immense and powerful meaning in his death for the sins of the world. Here is full and complete forgiveness and healing for the sins of the entire world and the deep flaws in the heart of creation. 

Here is the way God brings together this fractured and divided world and opens up the way to eternal life. 

A fundamental part of being human is being willing to bear the cost of what you believe: not to bend to the dictates of fashion, or to please others, or to avoid suffering. 

Only in this way can we fulfil our destiny and make a lasting contribution to the world. Take courage. 

Look with mercy on this your family

for which our Lord Jesus Christ

was content to be betrayed

and given up into the hands of sinners

and to suffer death upon the cross…

Collect for Good Friday

What are the challenges you will need to face in your Christian life as you look ahead? Write down your sources of strength and courage for facing them.