Lent Devotions 2019 – Day 7

Devotion Day 7

REFLECT – Day 7:

Yesterday you were encouraged to make a list of things in the world that grieve you and share that with someone else. Have you managed to do this yet? 

Perhaps it would be worth having your list or your friends list out alongside this reflection and your bible. Why? Because today we are going to think about ‘Compassion in Action’. 

Read Mark 1:40-45 and notice Jesus reaction to the man’s request. It may be a good idea to read a couple of different translations of this passage to see how the original manuscripts can be interpreted. Make a note of the differences. 

Jesus knows his need of God: his life reflects his poverty of spirit. Jesus’ life also reflects his grief at the pain and distress in the world. 

In this passage and many others, Jesus is deeply moved by the suffering of others. Something stirs deep within. We will go on to read of his love for poor and rich, for Gentiles and Jews, for old and young, for men and women, for sinners and for the righteous. 

That love is often shown in his tears, in mourning and frustration which springs from compassion. The compassion is expressed first in the gift of attention: turning aside from this day’s tasks to understand another’s distress. The compassion then becomes  prayer and practical help – bringing hope and good news. 

God enters in the pain of our world through the tears of his Son. Through those tears we understand God’s love for all who experience pain and loss in every age and land. 

So now turn back to your list. Using your knowledge of Jesus and how he reacts to suffering people within the scriptures, how do you think he would be reacting to some of the situations on your list.  Alternatively, add to your list a few of the emotions you feel when looking through your list and reflect on any times Jesus is recorded to have felt similar. 

Pray for the situations and people you met or heard of yesterday that move you within. 

What act of mercy or attention can you offer today in response to that grief? 

What phone call can you make, email can you write, coffee can you buy or time can you spare?